How to Sell a House

When you’re ready to sell your house, you have two options you can choose from. First, you can go the traditional route, which is to hire a real estate agent, list your house on the open market, and wait for the bids to come in. Your other choice is to sell your home to a real estate investor, who will purchase the home as-is and either revamp, remodel, rent or re-sell the property as they see fit.

Both options will eventually get the job done, but each one comes with a unique set of pros and cons that must be considered. You’ll want to think about how quickly you want to sell, how much money you want to get, the current condition of the home and many other factors before ultimately deciding which route is best for you and your family.

Selling a House Fast Through Real Estate Investors

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If you’re wondering how to sell your home fast, then this is the route to take. Real estate investors will typically purchase any property available – no matter what condition it’s in. There’s no time consuming bidding process or negotiation, you don’t have to go through dozens of showings and home inspections, and the paperwork is all handled for you. That means the property is off your hands ASAP, and you get cash in hand in days – not weeks or months like a traditional sale would offer.

At KeyPath, our real estate investors purchase all types of properties, regardless of age, size, condition or location. They’ll even buy what most people consider “distressed” homes! This makes it a great choice if your home is in less-than-ideal condition.

With a real estate agent, selling a house as-is is much harder. You either have to make significant cuts to your asking price, or you have to commit to making repairs, remodeling areas of the home and sprucing the place up before you can even get a buyer interested. It can be a long and often unrewarding process. If you’re looking to sell a house fast, a real estate investor is much more apt to deliver.

In addition to buying homes as-is, here are a few other ways our real estate investors help speed up the sales process:

  • We don’t use banks – We deal only with cash, so there’s no working with slow-moving banks, whose paperwork and red tape can hold up the process and delay your closing. You work one-on-one with our team, who will work tirelessly and efficiently to get the job done.
  • We don’t require appraisals – We use software to analyze your property and its specs to determine a fair cash offer. We don’t require an expensive appraisal (or any other costly inspection), which could take days or even weeks to complete.
  • We help with moving and relocation services – Forget dealing with all the details of moving on top of handling your home sale. Instead, we work with trusted moving and relocation companies to help you execute your move quickly and seamlessly.
  • We use digital contracts – All our sales are handled in a professional and secure manor by a licensed real estate agent, using the Columbus Division of Real Estate’s approved legal contracts. You don’t need to come on site to fill out any paperwork, and all signatures can be done easily and digitally online.
  • We don’t make you sit through time-consuming closings – At KeyPath, all our closings are conducted by a real estate attorney or title company, and you don’t have to be present at all. Just let us handle the nitty gritty details, and you’ll have that home off your hands in no time.

All in all, the entire process can be done in just 7 to 30 days, depending on the state of your current mortgage and any code violations, liens or back taxes you face. When compared with traditional routes of selling a house, which often take 3-6 months at the least, this can be a huge convenience to many homeowners. Especially those who are dealing with:

  • Job relocations – If you’re being relocated for your job, the last thing you want to deal with is selling your home. You have enough on your plate what with finding a new property, packing up your home and moving your family across the country. You also don’t want your old home to just sit stagnant on the market for months, when you could really use that cash toward your new property. This makes KeyPath the ideal choice, as it frees you from the overwhelming sales process while still getting you the cash you need quickly.
  • Divorce – Selling your house for cash is often the best decision when you’re going through a divorce. First of all, it keeps you from having a long, drawn-out battle in court over who gets the property. These types of negotiations are not only time-consuming, but if attorneys are involved, they can get quite costly, too. Additionally, if you have kids, these long battles can be very emotionally trying, driving a wedge between the entire family. Opting for a cash sale through a real estate investor can also make your assets easier to split, so you and your ex can get the cash you need to start over right away – not months or years down the road.
  • Lost Job – When you’ve lost your job, paying your mortgage can be extremely difficult. You might have savings to get you by for a few months, but after that, you’re left struggling to even keep the lights on. Sure, you could hire a real estate agent and put your home on the market, but that will take time and cost you even more money in the long run. Selling the home to a real estate investor can help you get a quick infusion cash today – when you need it most.
  • Overdue mortgage payments – Behind on your mortgage? Before you get foreclosed on, consider selling your home to KeyPath. We’ll consider those overdue payments in our offer, purchase the property and take care of the mortgage on your behalf. Then, you avoid damage to your credit, and you get cash in your pocket to put toward your new property. It’s a win-win.
  • Out-of-state properties – Landlords or rental property owners with out-of-state properties often find selling those properties difficult through traditional routes. They just don’t have the time to go back and forth between locations, nor do they want the home to sit on the market for months on end, empty and losing money. We can take these properties off their hands in just days, and make the entire sales process easy and hassle-free for the seller.
  • Inherited/willed properties – Receiving property in the will of a loved one is a nice gesture, but sometimes it’s not property you actually want to keep. It may be in a location far away, or maybe it’s just not big enough for your current family. Either way, KeyPath offers a great way sell the home, get it off your hands, and get cash to put toward other expenses instead – like any funeral or burials costs you may have incurred, for example.
  • Financial strife – If you’re simply in dire financial straits, selling your house for cash is sometimes the best option. You can get a quick injection of money that you can then use toward paying off debts, finding a smaller, downsized property, or putting food on the table – whatever is necessary to get you through.

Selling a house to a real estate investor like KeyPath can also be great if your property is in particularly poor condition, you’re facing bankruptcy or you’re having difficulties with renters.

The best part? KeyPath doesn’t just sell your house fast, it also does it completely free of charge. Unlike with traditional routes, which come with costly real estate fees, you don’t have to pay any commissions or expenses at all. You sell us your home, and we give you cash. That’s it.

Hiring a Real Estate Agent

If you’re asking “how do I sell my house fast”? Hiring a real estate agent probably isn’t your answer. After all, according to 2015 Zillow data, the average U.S. home spends between 101 and 116 days on the market before getting sold. That’s nearly four months! Compared to the timeline of cash sales through real estate investors, this can be a lifetime.

house for sale

Time-on-market is also on the rise, too. In the summer of 2014, the average was in the high 80s – about a full month shorter than this year’s numbers. Even then, that’s still pretty high – especially when compared with our sales process, which can take as little as three days. What if you had to relocate for a job? Your new boss wouldn’t like waiting 3 to 4 months for you to sell your home and make your way over. They’d want you there ASAP – and traditional routes of selling your home just can’t deliver that.

But just because it’s a little bit slower doesn’t meaning selling a house with a real estate agent is a bad option. It’s just a different option – with a different set of pros and cons that every homeowner should to consider before moving forward.

Here are a few of the advantages that come with hiring a real estate agent to sell your home.

  • You could get more money for it – On the open market, you have the freedom to set your price as you wish. You can make upgrades, stage it, and compare it with other properties in the area, and price it as high as you like. It may take a little longer to get off the market, but it will typically still be higher than what a real estate investor would offer you. Why? Well, real estate investors purchase properties as-is, so they’re taking the costs of any repairs, remodels or fixes on themselves. They consider these costs when making you an offer.
  • You have someone to negotiate for you – When you hire a real estate agent, you have someone to work on your behalf. They’ll receive bids from potential buyers, handle all negotiations, and make sure you’re getting the best deal you possibly can out of the equation. When you sell your house for cash to an investor, you have to handle those negotiations – and judge whether the offer is enough for your tastes – all on your own.
  • You have an expert in the local market – Another great thing about hiring a real estate agent to sell your home is that you get the benefit of having a local expert on your side. They know what’s popular in the market, they know how to price a property, and they know how to stage a house so that it appeals to buyers in the area. This can be helpful if there’s a certainly price range you’re hoping to command.
  • You can get help finding a new home – If you’re planning to buy a new home in the same area or metro, your real estate agent can help with this, too. They can show you properties that fit your price range and needs, as well as schedule showings on your behalf. Remember though, they will charge a fee and commission for this, so keep that in mind when using an agent’s service.
advantages vs. disadvantages

But as with anything, hiring a real estate agent to sell your house also comes with a few disadvantages, and if you want to have the best experience, it’s important to consider all of these before picking up that phone and hiring a local agent.

The biggest con of hiring an agent is that it comes with added real estate fees. Unlike real estate investors, real estate agents command several fees, as well as a commission off the final sale of your home. These often amount to thousands and thousands of dollars, and when you’re already hard up for cash or trying to save for a down payment on a new home, this added cost can often be a hard pill to swallow.

Other disadvantages of hiring a real estate agent include:

  • You’ll have to make some home repairs – Homes don’t sell “as-is” on the open market. Buyers want pretty, well-cared for houses they can fall in love with, not distressed, run-down ones that need a lot of work. If you want to sell your house through an agent, you can bet you’ll have to make a few repairs first – even if you think your home is in fairly good condition already. Depending on what those repairs are, it could cost you anywhere from a few thousands to tens of thousands, if bigger things like the roof, flooring or foundation need help. With KeyPath, these issues aren’t a worry. We consider any necessary repairs on our offer, and we’ll handle them all ourselves – after we purchase your property. That way you get the cash you need, without all the headache and hassle for prepping your home.
  • Your purchase price will vary – Though you can certainly price you home anywhere you want, the truth of the matter is it really depends on your neighborhood – at least if you want to sell it anytime in the next year or two. That means you could make dozens of upgrades – marble countertops, a built-in pool, a remodeled game room – but if other homes near you are going for bottom-dollar prices, you’re not going to recoup that investment. In fact, you’re going to lose money. When you use KeyPath, you don’t have to worry about this issue. Instead, you get a fair price for the property – no matter where it’s located or how other nearby homes are priced.
  • You may have to make some concessions – Because most buyers want a new home (or at least one that looks new), you can expect they will want some repairs and replacements made before they sign on that dotted line. In some cases, their home inspection may even reveal some deficiencies that pose a safety hazard. At that point, you’ll either have to pay for those repairs out of your own pocket, before closing goes down, or make some concessions on your price, and accept a much lower offer than you were hoping to bring in. Either way, it costs you cash. At KeyPath, you don’t have to make concessions, deal with repairs or even go through a stressful home inspection. We buy your home as-is, no matter what.
  • You have to keep paying that mortgage – Even if you buy a new home and move out, you still have to keep paying your mortgage, property taxes, home insurance and HOA dues until that home is sold – and that could be months or even years. Think of all the wasted money. If you’re already behind on your mortgage or in dire financial straits, this can be particularly bad for your household as well, even forcing you into foreclosure or, what’s worse, bankruptcy. Thankfully, KeyPath offers you another option. Instead of paying all those bills while waiting endlessly for a home to sell, you can sell the house fast, recoup your money and move on to bigger, better things.
  • You have to stage the home – No real estate agent will take on your home unless you’re willing to stage it. That means investing in its appeal – installing some pretty landscaping, adding new curtains, pillows and furniture, and putting fresh coats of paint on the walls. It also means keeping your house neat and clean on the daily, in case a showing is scheduled at the last minute. Some agents even require you to hire a professional stager or house cleaner while your home is on the market. The cost of these pros, combined with all the supplies, furnishings, paints and other accents you’ll need can add up quickly. And while they might help you sell your home faster, they eat into your profits with each and every dollar you spend. At KeyPath, we don’t require staging, and we based our offers completely on the specs of your home – not how pretty it is or how well designed it looks. This makes the sale easier, faster and less costly on the whole.
  • You have to regularly leave your home – One of the biggest downsides to hiring a real estate agent is that your home is no longer your own. You’re constantly opening it up to strangers, and you can be asked to leave at a moment’s notice. This can be terribly inconvenient if you work at home, care for young children, or who have pets that must be removed every time a potential buyer comes buy. And the longer your home is on the market? The longer this hassle goes on. It can be stressful and annoying to say the least. Fortunately, when you opt to sell your home to a real estate investor instead, you don’t have to deal with showings. We simply do one site evaluation, and we’re done.

If you’re still wondering “how to sell my house,” the truth is, it depends. In the end, both hiring a real estate agent and using a solution like KeyPath will get the job done. The question is: how fast do you want to sell? Can you afford to wait a few months, keep paying that mortgage and (hopefully) command a higher asking price? Or do you need to move out, move on and get that cash faster than that?

Also, how much effort are you willing to put toward your sale? Do you have the free time to make repairs, stage your home and clean it every day? Can you afford to leave your house for hours at a time on a moment’s notice? These are all questions you’ll need to ask yourself before deciding how to sell your house.

Considering KeyPath Property Solutions?

If selling your house quick is something you’re considering, then contact us today. With just a few details, we can provide you with a complimentary cash offer for your property right away. If you like it, we’ll move forward with the sale. If not, you’re free to hire a real estate agent or sell your home in any other way you see fit.

Want to see what sort of offer your home would command? Contact KeyPath Property Solutions now.

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