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It is no secret: real estate investment is a great way to make money and expand your financial portfolio. Property options are diverse and offer a vast range of investment opportunities to the savvy buyer. From renting and flipping to wholesaling, investors focusing on all aspects of the real estate spectrum are heading in droves to the housing market.


In 2011, the National Association of Realtors estimated that investors comprised 27% of all home sales, or a total of $1.23 million in property purchases. This showed a marked and continued increase in the activity of investors across the nation. As well, statistics from the most recent REALTORS® Confidence Index demonstrated that cash sales (often known as distress sales) accounted for nearly a quarter of all home sales.

At KeyPath Property Solutions, we specialize in handling such distress sales, purchasing homes from highly motivated sellers who are looking to find a quick real estate solution. Our team selects properties in a variety of conditions, purchasing them ‘as-is’ at modest prices. We partner with investors who buy these properties and turn them into solid, money-making investments.

Why Invest in Real Estate?

Considering purchasing property for investment purposes? This is a time-tested way to earn a profitable and significant return. KeyPath Property Solutions assists homeowners who are looking to sell their home quickly for a variety of circumstances including foreclosure, damage, divorce, relocation, and job loss. Paying cash, we obtain the property for a price well below market value, while helping families sidestep distressing situations.

It is no secret: real estate investment is a great way to make money and expand your financial portfolio. Property options are diverse and offer a vast range of investment opportunities to the savvy buyer. From renting and flipping to wholesaling, investors focusing on all aspects of the real estate spectrum are heading in droves to the housing market.

Real Estate Investment

As an investor with KeyPath, you have a world of opportunity at your fingertips. Direct investment in an affordable property means you’ll see the highest potential returns. The housing market could afford you a handsome 8% to 12% return, plus appreciation. Do you believe you’d earn more by investing in a stocks, savings bonds, or a 401K? Think again. The stock market can be a wild card, while savings bonds and 401K accounts may lose value due to factors such as interest rates and inflation. Inflation is not a worry for real estate investors. In fact, real estate holdings help protect an investor’s portfolio against inflation. Perhaps most importantly, long term savings, while potentially profitable in later years, do not offer the same immediate return that real estate investment does. With real estate, you have a continual passive income stream, enabling you the cash NOW to cover your living expenses. When your income exceeds your bills, effectively, you’ve already retired.

Why else does it pay to be a real estate investor?

  • Regular cash flow 

If you opt to rent out your investment property, you’ll receive a monthly influx. Secure the right tenants, and you’re looking at a successful, long-term investment opportunity.

  • Diversify your portfolio

Investing in real estate adds variety to your other investments such as stocks and bonds, minimizing your risks and helping you reach your overall financial goals.

  • Property appreciation

Holding property is a long-term investment that allows for the possibility of appreciation over time. Particularly when buying distressed homes, you’re purchasing a property already well below market value. With maintenance and care, your home can increase in value over many years, allowing you to resell at a significantly higher price.

  • Tax benefits

Owning rental properties comes with a variety of tax advantages, including deductions for property taxes, real estate taxes, and interest on mortgage payments. You can also deduct for property insurance premiums, repair costs, and often even the cost of travel related to property management.

New To Real Estate Investment

New to Real Estate Investment?

Thinking about jumping into the real estate game? It’s normal to feel a little hesitant, but there’s no better time to do it. Many first-time investors feel overwhelmed by the vast amounts of information out there. Faced with countless options and opportunities, inexperienced investors may worry they will make the wrong choice or are afraid they don’t have the right cash or credit line. These concerns are common, but should not deter you from pursuing the right choice for your financial future. Thousands of people are investing in real estate, and you can too.

In fact, you don’t need a huge amount of money or an endless credit line to become a successful real estate investor. You simply need to learn and apply the proper strategies. There are many paths to successful property investment. Investors who implement well-crafted strategies are able to develop creative solutions and turn their properties into income machines. This creativity and innovation results in positive outcomes for investors, tenants, and sellers alike.

Smart Moves for Real Estate Investing

Strategy and planning are key when it comes to succeeding as a real estate investor. You must do your homework. Understand the marketplace, investigate possibilities, and determine what niche(s) you’ll invest in. Properties come in all shapes and sizes and are built for different purposes. Currently, flipping houses has grown in popularity. This will involve putting time and money into refurbishing and renovating a property, but often yields incredible returns on your investment.

KeyPath Property Solutions partners investors with distressed homes and short sale properties--often ideal for flipping and reselling at higher prices. Available properties may include single family homes, condominiums, multi-family dwellings, and more, which can be sold wholesale, renovated and resold (flipped), or held by the investor, creating opportunities for ongoing rental income and long-term property appreciation.


Strategies for a Sound Investment

  • Start with a plan, build an investment strategy, then find the properties that fulfill those goals.
  • Seek out properties that will attract stable tenants or appeal to the right potential buyers (perhaps after flipping the home). 
  • When investigating properties, consider the work involved. If you have maintenance or construction experience, you could funnel your own skills into helping fix up a dilapidated property. Alternatively, you could source you construction work inexpensively from a variety of sources. Without this approach, you may want to consider homes in need of less drastic repair work.
  • Learn and hone your buying strategy. In real estate investment, especially when dealing with distressed properties, the best advice is to take action quickly. Homes dealt with by KeyPath will gain the immediate interest of multiple investors. You will want to act fast to ensure you don’t miss out on valuable opportunities.

How to Finance Your Investment in Distressed Real estate

Large amounts of cash or major credit lines are not necessary for getting your start in real estate investing. In particular, distressed properties or homes in need of great repair represent some of the best value investments on the market. Yet, it is widely known that such properties may require costly renovations. Fortunately, there are numerous financing strategies. 

A home improvement loan is one possibility. From certain lending institutions, you can get the financing you need to purchase the property as well as additional money that will cover the cost of repairs or renovation. This type of loan will exceed the purchase price and then some, allowing you to take care of mortgage costs as well as take cash out for improvements.

There are multiple financing options for real estate investors including, mortgages, home equity lines of credit (HELOCs), credit line agreements, seller financing, grants, loans of all types, and retirement funds. It is possible to be highly innovative with financing options, sometimes finding solutions which require no money down. KeyPath assists our investors to locate creative financing options. Solutions include portfolio loans that cover a blanket of properties, seller financing, and lease options, among others.

How We Partner With Investors

How We Partner With Investors

At KeyPath Property Solutions, our primary focus is on building strong relationships with investors nationwide. As a growing team of professional, experienced homebuyers, we help investors locate worthwhile properties and offer them incomparable deals. We know the importance of selecting appropriate investments which have potential and promise. We have confidence in our ability to source investors with the right properties to meet their needs and assist them in fulfilling their financial goals.

KeyPath’s specialty revolves around distressed properties and partnering with investors in the local area. We identify great opportunities and supply these to our investors. In these situations, we believe everybody wins.

Ready to Start Your Future as a Real Estate Investor?

Properties are available in your area right now. Don’t miss out on a potential opportunity that could yield you thousands of dollars in profits. Contact KeyPath Property Solutions TODAY to discover distressed property investment opportunities in your area and learn more about partnering with us.

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