We Buy Houses

At KeyPath Property Solutions, we buy houses – any shape, size, design, age or even condition.

Unlike other real estate investors, we don’t just purchase great-looking, well-cared for properties; we also happily invest in less appealing homes, too. You might even call them distressed! This is great for sellers who have an older home or for those who simply don’t have the time or funds for repairs, painting, cleaning or other superficial tasks.

We buy distressed properties in as-is condition, and we handle any necessary repairs or remodeling tasks on our own – so you don’t have to deal with it. This offers sellers a great way to save cash, avoid unwanted hassle and speed up the sales process on the whole. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Additionally, we also invest in vacant homes, too. If you own a property or rental home that’s been sitting empty, unused and unwanted for any period of time, don’t fret. KeyPath Property Solutions can get it off the market easily and fast.

The moral of the story? At KeyPath, we buy any house. Old or new, beautiful or distressed, red or white, we’ll purchase your property and put cold, hard cash in your hands in no time.

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At KeyPath Property Solutions, we buy houses – any shape, size, design, age or even condition.
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We Buy Houses Fast

We Buy Houses Fast

One of the biggest benefits to using KeyPath’s services is the faster, more efficient sales process we offer. With our team, you won’t have to wait months and months to be approved for a mortgage or spend days gathering paperwork, signing forms and working with a lender. Instead, you get rid of that property fast – with little to no work on your part at all.

  • Divorce – No one wants a long, drawn-out divorce process, but unfortunately, traditional home sales strategies can lead to this. Your joint property could sit stagnant on the market for months, tying up thousands of dollars in funds and making the finalization of your divorce nearly impossible. By selling your joint home to KeyPath instead, you can get that property off the market fast, split up your assets and get back to your new life in no time. It’s the ideal way to divide up your property as quickly and painlessly as possible.
  • Bankruptcy or foreclosure– If you’ve had to declare bankruptcy or your house has been foreclosed on, selling your property quickly is a must. This allows you to pay off your delinquent mortgage and get an infusion of cash when you and your family need it most.
  • Difficulties with renters – Having issues with tenants on your property? Selling the home can often be the best solution, both to resolve the issues at hand and to recoup any funds you may have lost along the way. Then, you can use those funds toward new rental properties or other potential investments – whatever suits your business needs best.
  • Bank appraisals – Bank appraisals can be scary – especially if your house is in less-than-perfect condition. If they don’t go well, it can jeopardize your entire sale, and you’re left with an unwanted, unsellable property on your hands. Fortunately, at KeyPath, we help you skip the appraisals process, and we don’t care what condition the property is in at all!
  • Inherited property – Though you may have inherited a family member’s home via their will or through probate, that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to live there – or even keep it. When this is the case, KeyPath can take the property off your hands quickly and efficiently, so you can use those funds toward other, more suitable purchases.
  • A property in poor condition – Worried your home won’t sell because of its poor condition? Don’t just cross your fingers and hope for the best. You could end up waiting for months or even years for a sale to bite – and even then, you’ll be forced to cut your asking price significantly. Instead, KeyPath can take the home off your hands today, and give you a fair price for it, too. You won’t even have to make a single repair! We’ll buy it as-is, no questions asked.
  • Job relocation – Getting relocated for work is hard enough. You have to find a new home, uproot your family, enroll your kids in new schools and more. You don’t have time to sell your house, too. Fortunately, our solution ensures you don’t have to. We’ll buy the property quickly and efficiently, so you can use those funds toward your new life in another city. It’s a great way to make your relocation easier on the whole family.
  • A death in the family – Has a loved one recently passed on, leaving the fate of their property hanging in the balance? You don’t need to deal with finding a realtor, staging the home and scheduling showings while you’re in mourning. At KeyPath, we’ll make the sale quick and painless – so you can spend time with your family during this difficult period.
  • A lost job or financial strife – Having financial problems? Recently lost your job? Get a quick infusion of cash by selling your home to KeyPath. Then, use those funds toward a downsized home or apartment, or put it toward credit card debt and overdue bills – anything you need to get back on your feet.
If you’re located in a different state than your property, KeyPath’s solution can also be very beneficial. You won’t have to make multiple trips to prep the property, meet with realtors or arrange for showings. Instead, KeyPath will coordinate with you from wherever you are – no extra travel (or costs) needed.

Benefits of Using KeyPath

In addition to speeding up the sales process and putting cash in your pocket much faster than traditional methods, KeyPath’s solutions also come with a number of other benefits to property owners as well.

This type of ramped up sales process is ideal in many situations, especially if you’re dealing with:

  • No realtor fees – You don’t have to pay a realtor for any part of the sale. It’s all included in our services. This is a far cry from how traditional sales strategies work, which often cost you thousands of dollars in added fees and charges.
  • No paperwork – Forget filling out endless forms and documents just to sell your home. At KeyPath, we handle all paperwork for you. We also offer completely digital contracts, which can be legally signed and authorized via the web. It’s simple, easy and fast. You’ll never even have to lift a finger!
  • No banks – We deal only in cash, so there’s no need to get any big banks or lenders involved. All our sales are handled professionally and securely by experienced KeyPath brokers and licensed real estate agents.

KeyPath makes selling your home or property a breeze – no matter what it looks like or where it’s located. We’ll take the property off your hands and manage the entire sales process from start to finish. Just contact our team today to start selling your property.

How it Works

Have a property you’d like to sell quickly and hassle-free? Then KeyPath Property Solutions is your solution. Here’s how the process works:


Submit information about your home or property for our analysis.

Just fill out this form, and tell us about your property – its size, age, condition, location and other details. The simple stuff. Then, our experienced real estate experts with examine that information, determine the property’s value and craft an appropriate offer for the home.
Make an Offer

We’ll make you an offer* within 12 hours or less.

Once our experts have gone over your property’s information, they’ll put together a written offer. This will include the amount of cash we’re prepared to offer you for the home, as well as other details regarding the potential sale.

Cash In Hand

You get your cash in hand fast.

If you’re happy with offer we’ve submitted, you’ll give us the go-ahead, and we’ll visit your property for an in-person site evaluation. After the site evaluation, the sale will move forward. Our team will handle all the necessary paperwork, forms and details, and in just a few days’ time, you’ll have the agreed-upon amount in your hands (and in cash!)

The whole process is designed to be quick, easy and painless for you and your family. There are no time-consuming meetings, no tedious paperwork and absolutely no headaches or hassle. Just a simple, streamlined sale that gives you exactly what you want – MONEY FAST.

We Sell Houses, Too

In addition to buying and investing in properties, KeyPath also sells homes, too. We team up with investors throughout the country to find them great deals on properties and homes in the cities they work in. These may be properties they can flip, revamp and remodel for potential home buyers, or they may be ones well-placed to become rental properties or sold as-is.

If you’re an investor, and you’re looking for new potential opportunities, contact KeyPath’s expert brokers today. We can help you find the perfect properties for your business goals and needs.

Contact KeyPath Property Solutions Today

Whether you’re looking to sell or buy homes fast, KeyPath Property Solutions is here to help you do it. We’ll make the process quick, easy and painless, and we’ll help you get the most value for your property possible. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to submit your property for analysis. We’ll get back to you ASAP.

*Offer will vary based on site evaluation.

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At KeyPath Property Solutions, we buy houses – any shape, size, design, age or even condition.
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